Elderly German arrested for carrying stimulant drugs

Okinawa Prefecture Organized Crime. Control Division announced Wednesday that they have arrested a 76-year-old male German national living in Switzerland at Naha Airport on suspicion of violating the Stimulants Control Law. The man is suspected of trying to smuggle a total of 1.9 kg of stimulant drugs from South Africa into Japan. The man reportedly has denied the charge.

According to Okinawa Police and Okinawa Customs Office, the man tried to smuggle 1.971 kg of stimulants in his suitcase in the afternoon of Dec. 9th when he arrived at Naha Airport. He had flown from South Africa to Naha via China.

When he was at the customs check at Naha Airport, a drug sniffing dog reacted, and the customs staff checked his luggage. They found the stimulants hidden under a double bottom of his suitcase.

The man traveled to Okinawa alone, and according to police inspectors, he said that he came here to see someone. According to police, the amount of the stimulants he had in his suitcase were enough for about 65,000 doses if sold on the street.

Police continue the investigation to the details of the case. They are said to be especially interested in finding a possible connection to Japanese organized criminal groups.


15:12 25 May , 2024