Five boys apprehended for arson at Tomari Elementary School

A series of arsons happened at a garbage collection point at Tomari Elementary School in Naha on Nov. 5th and 6th.

After investigation, Naha Police apprehended five junior high school boys aged 12 to 13, and took them to a protective custody to give them “guidance.” Police sent documents of one of the boys to the Prosecutors’ Office, and gave a warning to two of them. Reportedly, all five boys have admitted to the charges.

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police, the boys entered Tomari Elementary School grounds about 6 p.m. on Nov. 5, for the purpose of setting a trash pile at the collection spot on fire. They entered the premises again next day after 10 p.m. and set a plastic garbage bag on fire with a cigarette lighter. The fire burned a part of the tin roof of the garbage collection point.

Reportedly, the boys tried set the garbage bag on fire Nov. 5th, but the fire was not big enough to reach the roof and they came back next day to try again.

After investigating the case, Naha Police asked the boys to come voluntarily for questioning.

01:59 22 May , 2024