Kankyo Solution starts accepting waste from U.S. Military

The business suspension of a main industrial waste disposal company on Okinawa, Kurashiki Kankyo, led to the disruption of waste collection from the U.S. military bases. On Wednesday, Okinawa City gave permission to a related company “Kankyo Solution” to dispose general waste.

Kankyo Solution can now dispose waste from the U.S. military, and begins to accept household garbage from the U.S. military installations as early as today (Thursday). On the other hand, they have been ordered to reduce the volume of industrial waste they handle to one-third from the previous levels, and it’s possible that the extra waste would be shifted to other waste disposal companies on Okinawa.

Kankyo Solution operates two refuse incinerators with a capacity of 60 tons per day, and they have submitted Okinawa City a plan to treat 40 tons of waste per day from the U.S. military. According to estimates, 90% of waste collection from the bases has been suspended since Nov. 20 when the business of Kurashiki Kankyo was suspended.

Kankyo Solution treats about 90% of medical waste (about 8 tons per day) from medical facilities on Okinawa. They have operated at full-capacity since the business of Kurashiki Kankyo was suspended. Once they start accepting waste from the U.S. military, industrial waste collection from other sources on Okinawa could be suspended.

A representative of Okinawa City said, “We made an unusual request to Kankyo Solution to submit a process plan to prevent them accepting more waste than they can dispose of. In addition, we ask them to submit a report every month to confirm they abide by the conditions.”


13:19 25 May , 2024