New website matches foreign job seekers to job offers

Ryukyu Interactive, Inc. has opened a job-seeker/job-offer matching website “Job Antenna Global” to support foreign persons to find a job in Okinawa.

Information on the website is in Japanese, English, and Chinese. 91 people from Asian countries, including Indonesia and Vietnam have already registered as members during the trial stage of the website, and the company aims to increase the number of job seekers to 500 by the end of March 2018.

In Okinawa, there’s strong need for foreign staff to cope with the influx of foreign tourists. Many companies also want to open branch offices overseas. There is intense competition to hire graduates from abroad, and operators of the new website try to attract promising people from foreign countries to come to work in Okinawa.

The website lists 350 types of job in 100 different industries. Currently, Ryukyu Interactive is running a campaign offering free listing through the end of March.

For more details, all Ryukyu Interactive at 098-988-1572. Job Antenna Global website is at

14:53 25 May , 2024