Okinawa City revokes Kurashiki Kankyo waste disposal license

Okinawa City revoked Tuesday the business license of Kurashiki Kankyo, a waste service and industrial waste collection and transportation company. The company license had already been revoked by Okinawa Prefecture for illegal dumping practices at its “Trash Mountain” in Chibana, Okinawa Cty site.

Kurashiki Kankyo is the company that has the contract to collect and dispose trash from Kadena Air Base, and as the company was forced to stop collecting trash, collection on the base stopped, too. However, Okinawa City officials indicate that they will recognize the trash from the base as “waste from outer area”, and expect Kurashiki Kankyo to continue collecting waste from the U.S. Military and transfer it to a temporary waste yard in Kadena Ammunition Storage Area.

Takashi Oniwa, the general manager of Citizen’s Department of Okinawa City Municipality, explained the reason for revoking the municipal license was because “the License for the Installation of a Waste Treatment Facility has already been revoked by Okinawa Prefecture, and illegal dumping has disqualified the company license.”

Regarding the possibility for Kurashiki applying for a new permission for a new related company established for the purpose of continuing the business, Yuji Minami, the president of Kurashiki Kankyo, said, “We will discuss about it in the future.” Regarding waste from the U.S. Military, he said, “We plan to continue collecting it from this week.”



11:27 15 Apr , 2024