Okinawa New Year holiday fight reservations reach record 334,912

Air carriers serving Okinawa announced new records of reserved seats on flights to and from Okinawa during the New Year holidays. The total reservations JAL and ANA fights exceed the last year totaling 334,912, an increase of 5.8%.

Reservations on JAL flights total 76,327 that is a 7.0% increase from a year ago. The busiest day for JAL flights from Okinawa is Dec. 30 when the flights are 97.4% full while the busiest inbound day is Jan. 3 with 95.1% of the available seats sold.

JTA (Japan Trans Ocean Air) sold 63,531 seats that is 10.8% more. The busies day on outbound flights is Dec. 30 (93.7% full) and inbound on Jan. 3rd (90.8%ful).

RAC (Ryukyu Air Commuter) that serves smaller outer islands saw a 3.8% increase having 8,728 reservations.

ANA has 186,326 reservations (3.9% more), with the busies outbound days from Dec. 28 through 31st, and inbound days on Jan. 2nd and 3rd. Reservations for Ishigaki flights increased 3.2%, while flights to Miyako saw a 16.9% increase in reservations.

00:20 26 Jun , 2024