OkiPark Vol.21 Chinenmisaki Park

Chinenmisaki (Cape Chinen) Park in the Chinen district of Nanjo City, is mostly not designed for a kids’ playing ground. Instead, families, couples or even single people just by themselves come to the park to enjoy its impressive panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Since the Nanjo Road Station “Ganjyu Eki” opened in 2013, tourists visiting one of the most famous holy places on Okinawa “Sefa Utaki” nearby, visitors to the park have been increasing a lot, and the park is now busy every day.

The park behind the road station shows a splendid view of Okinawa’s blue sky contracting the deep blue ocean crating a very relaxed atmosphere. On sunny days, paragliders take off from the high cliffs on the cape.


14:07 25 May , 2024