P-time teams up with Nikken Housing to expand into hotels

P-time, Co., Ltd., an operator of several pachinko halls in Okinawa, has teamed up with Nikken Housing Co. to establish a new company to manage hotels.

The first project of the new company is to build and manage a new hotel called “Cabin Hotel” to be built in Higashimachi, Naha City. The new hotel with 136 rooms is scheduled to open in spring 2019. The plan is to have a new-style hotel with high functionality and high-class atmosphere with reasonable room prices.

P-time officials say the company decided to break into the hotel industry because of the booming Okinawa tourism, and to change the company image.

The Cabin Hotel will be a 7-story reinforced concrete construction on a 358 square-meter land. The hotel will have the total floor space of 1,561 square meters. Three types of rooms will be available with prices starting from ¥2,500 per person per night.

The hotel will have separate floors for male and female guests. All rooms have an Internet connection, TV, and bed. Specific target groups are divers on short stay trips, business travelers, females traveling alone, and foreign guests who are looking for low-cost accommodations.

A reception desk staffed 24 hours and a restaurant with a bar will be on the 1st floor, rooms for men will be on the 3rd and 4th floor, and rooms reserved for women on the 5th floor. Each floor has shared bathrooms and washrooms. Large public baths are planned for the 2nd floor. On the 6th and 7th floor, there will be rooms with lofts that can accommodate groups of up to five persons.

00:45 31 May , 2024