Princess Sarali Kitiyakara of Thailand tours Okinawa

Princess Sarali Kitiyakara, a member of the Thai royal family and a TV personality, arrived at Okinawa Monday to make a TV program of overseas travel for the Thai national TV.

She is staying on Okinawa through the 13th of the month traveling to various parts of Okinawa’s main island to visit famous sightseeing spots and try Okinawan dishes to report on attractions of the island.

An Okinawan company organized the trip to introduce Okinawa to Thai people in the TV program.

The Princess commented on her trip so far, “I have visited many castles, and I like Shuri Castle very much for its beauty. There are very specific features in many things like music or food of Okinawa. Thai people like Japan very much, so I think if they knew Okinawa, they would be interested.”

The TV program is scheduled to be broadcasted in Thailand in February or March.

01:46 22 May , 2024