Ryuguujou decorates X’mas tree with golden pupas

“Ryuguujou Chouchouen”, a sightseeing facility in Motobu featuring butterflies, is displaying a X’mas tree decorated with 700 pupas of tree nymph butterflies.

The pupas shine in gold, and some foreign visitors believe they will bring good economic fortunes.

The larvae of the tree nymph butterfly has black and white stripes with red dots covering its body, and they cast off the skin four times before weaving the golden pupa. When the butterfly comes out of the pupa, it’s black and white in color. Its life span is about two months from the egg to a grown butterfly.

Entrance to Ryuguujou Chouchouen is ¥500 for persons 16 years old and older, and ¥250 for children 3 to 15 years of age.

01:10 22 May , 2024