Ryujin-no Utage brings mystery of yore to modern age

People of the Ryukyu Kingdom believed that Ryujin was a God who reincarnated into a dragon, and controlled and governed water. To please the God, people used music and Taiko drums, and those ancient rituals are the basis of a musical spectacle that takes place in the Ishikawa Dome on Dec. 9th and 10th.

The performance incorporates the dragon theme throughout the show that mixes traditional, classic and modern dance and music. The stage is on the Ishikawa Dome bullfighting ring, in a facility that usually is dedicated to Okinawan-style bullfights, where spectators can sit to watch the show from any side.

Dynamic and vigorous stage impresses audience throughout the show.

Almost 20 groups and single performers will take part in this amazing spectacle on stage. The host group Ryujin Densetsu is known for its variety of powerful acts mixing Eisa, lion dance and hatagashira performaces. Hidekatsu is a familiar composer of modern Eisa songs, local popular singer Chiaki, Kozue Taira, Ayano Uema and ‘Ryukyu-koku Matsuri Daiko’ that performs regularly both in Okinawa and outside of the Island and overseas are among the performers. Rock violinist ARIA will add some spice on the stage.

Shishimai, a.k.a. Lion Dance is integral part of the show.

Doors to the performance open at 16:30 on both days, and the show starts at 18:30. Advance tickets for S-seats are ¥3,000, and general seats ¥2,500 for adults in advance. High School, junior high school and elementary school students enter for ¥1,500 in advance. All tickets cost ¥500 more at door. Admission is free for pre-school age and younger children provided they share the seat with a parent. Tickets are on sale at Lawson, Coop Apre, Takara Record shop and studio café ‘ROSSO x ROSSO’.

For more information, check the website http://ryujinnoutage.com/

01:32 22 May , 2024