Six-car crash closes 330 in Kohagura

A crash involving six cars took place about 4 p.m. on Thursday on national road 330 in Kohagura, Naha City. Two people were taken to a hospital, but their injuries are not life-threatening.

Because of the accident, Road 330 was completely closed for about 45 minutes, and remained partially closed until 8 p.m. Naha Police is investigating the accident.

According to police, a car running from Kohagura intersection toward Yogi crashed for some reason into five other cars waiting at the traffic light on the oncoming lane. A man in his 60’s or 70’s who was driving car was taken to a hospital.

While the national road 330 was closed, buses had to take a detour, which caused delays in the bus service. As the accident occurred at the beginning of the rush hour, the northbound traffic was congested for about 6.5 km and 2.4 km to the south direction.


21:53 24 Jun , 2024