Weightlifter Yoichi Itokazu wins silver in World Championships

Yoichi Itokazu, a 26-year-old weightlifter from Nanjo City, Okinawa, won a silver medal in the Weightlifting World Championships held in Anaheim, California, in the men’s 62-kilogram division.

Itokazu was fourth in the Rio Janeiro Olympics in the same weight division. In the weightlifting world championships on Nov. 29th, Itokazu snatched 134 kg and lifted 165 kg in the clean and jerk, for a total 299 kg that earned him the silver medal.

According to Japan Weightlifting Association, he is the first Japanese male medalist in the world championships since 1981. Itokazu lost by a mere 1 kg for a competitor from Colombia who won the championship.

13:04 25 May , 2024