Build your Dream House on Okinawa!

Many people fall in love with Okinawa after visiting the island, and many of those would like to settle to live here for the rest of their lives. But when it comes to settling down, a question about the feasibility of building one’s dream home here arises, and therein arises a problem. How to buy land and build a house?

Few people have the money at hand to purchase the land and build a house in cash, and unless you are a permanent resident, local banks will not give you a loan and mortgage. However, a local construction company Kyan Kensetsu has seen a business chance in this, and they are very willing to help foreigners with long term plans to live on the island and build the home of their dreams here.

Kyan Kensetsu Co., Ltd. has been in the business for 58 years, doing construction work and civil engineering in all areas of Okinawa Island. The company office is at 1-12-6 Iso, Urasoe City.

One day, an American married couple visited K.K. to ask for help. They had already bought a piece of land but couldn’t build a house because they could not get a loan to finance it. Kazuhito Kyan the CEO of Kyan Kensetsu really wanted to help them, so he found a way to build the house. That was about ten years ago, and the first non-Japanese client for K.K.

After that, he was flooded with inquiries, and he realized that there are many foreign people who want to build their own house on Okinawa but have a problem to get financing. He therefore started a new business for people who have problems getting a mortgage. His business offers to help customers purchase land at their favorite location, and then builds the house according to the customer’s ideas and designs.

Kyan Kensatsu helps foreign residents become owners of their dream houses on Okinawa.

Up to now, K.K. has built a total of 45 dream houses on the island all of his customers are satisfied and love it. Kyan says, “Don’t give up your dream. I know there are many ways to build your house on Okinawa. Just call us if you are interested.”

For more information, call 098-876-3518 (English) or visit website.

03:04 28 Feb , 2024