Biophysical Therapy with the “Happy Lesson’s” Program

Do you wish to improve your overall mental health and physical condition? Is there an illness you suffer from but have no explanation to its origins? The key to theses answers could lie with the cell transformations occurring within your body. An abnormal cell transformation could lead to a decline in your mental and physical state, and thus literally making you “not feel” good about yourself. Abnormalities in cell transformation is a result of DNA transforming “abnormally”. Since there is no cure for such a disorder, the only method to deal with such an occurrence is to create the conditions for DNA to transform normally. This method of approach is referred to as “oneself healing capacity”.

Generally, it is considered impossible for your body to revert back to a normal cell transformation state once an abnormal DNA transformation takes place. However, the Happy Lesson’s program, developed by Dr. Tokura, uses biophysical therapy and education to help you control your metaphysical connection with your body, and thus returning you to a normal DNA transformation condition.

The Happy Lesson’s program is not a medical and pharmaceutical procedure. Rather it uses biophysical applications. No medical equipment or supplements are used.
The program is simple and systematic and can lead you towards a healthy mind and body.

Utilizing the Happy Lesson’s program will do what medical experts and doctors could not; decipher the cause of your mental or physical illness and set you on a road to recovery.

We look forward to providing our Happy Lesson’s program to everyone and to teach them the skills where they can apply it and help others in return. Though most of our clients are Japanese, we would also like to expand our program globally. In doing so, we are seeking those from the international audience who would like to join our venture. If you are interested and can speak Japanese, we can provide instructions on our program and together, as part of our team, help us reach out to those in need.

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05:32 17 Apr , 2024