OkiPark Vol.26 Fukuji Park & Higashi Village Museum

The Fukuji Park and the Higashi Village Museum are co-located on the same grounds, surrounded by the breathtaking forest greenery.

One can find many native animals preserved on display at the museum, such as birds and insects. Additionally, they also have a small collection of live animals in and outside the building, which include snakes, fish, and a wild boar! The museum uses a unique method of explaining its village history, using a combination of story timelines, display examples of various farm tools used from different eras, and a life-size diorama showcasing Hisgashi Village’s beautiful forest nature.

While adults may enjoy their time in the museum, children can have a great time next door at the Fukuji Park. Playground facilities are available for your children’s delight. Although it is a not huge park, kids, as well as adults, can enjoy the freedom of being away from the big city and engulf themselves fully in a forest paradise.


09:32 18 Jun , 2024