Tofu Champuru (Sauteed Okinawan Tofu and Vegetables)


  • ½ Shima tofu (Okinawan tofu)
  • ¼ Pork luncheon meat
  • 1 pack vegetable mix
  • 1 tsp Soup stock powder
  • a dash of Soy sauce


How to cook

1. Chop the tofu into bite-size bits, and cut the pork luncheon meat into rectangles.

2. Place the tofu in a pan, and cook until slightly brown. Place in a separate dish.

3. Cook the pork and vegetables together. Add the tofu after the pork and vegetables have been cooked.

4. For flavoring add the soup stock and soy sauce. Cook and mix, and you are done!


04:43 15 Jul , 2024