Ninja House at the Ryubo

During Golden Week, the 6th floor of the Ryubo Department Store in Naha will be converted into a Ninja House! Here, kids and adults can participate in a number of ninja training activities, like the Gaff maze, shuriken throwing, donning ninja outfits, and the sliding wall. There are different workshops to participate in and when you complete each one you receive a stamp of approval. Collect all the stamps and you are a certified ninja! They will also be ninja related items on sale so sneak your way into the Ninja House and have a blast!

Date: 4/27~5/6 10:00~20:30 (5/6 will be closed at 18:00)

At: 6F Ryubo Department Store in Naha (1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha)

Adults: ¥800 Junior High and High School Students: ¥500 Free for 12 and under.


13:52 25 May , 2024