OkiPark Vol.28 Seibu Plaza Park

Seibu Plaza Park is located at Toume District in Kochinda of Yaese Town. Though large and spacious, the park is quite relaxing and quiet. The plaza park is known for its long walkway measuring out to 1000km, made up entirely of stone blocks reminiscent of castle stone walls made during the Ryukyu Kingdom era.




The park also serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, ideal for birds, insects, and plants that are in the area. Much of this sanctuary can be viewed from the walkway. There are some rest areas and restrooms along the way, but the park is large so put that into consideration should you go for a long walk. One point of interest is the observatory. There you can appreciate the panoramic view of Yaese Town. And if the sun and weather is just right, you can see the Kerama Islands in the distance.

13:22 25 May , 2024