OkiPark Vol.33 Umi no Furusato Park (Home of the Ocean Park)

Umi no Furusato Park is located at the Nishizaki district of Itoman City, next to the Itoman’s Farmers Market, the Osakana Fish Market Center and the ‘Yukura’ shopping center. It’s an ideal spot; after done playing, go shopping! The park itself is simple having just a small playground facility and a play field with a simple castle-like observatory for viewing.

You will get a touch of nostalgia while you are, as there are classic Okinawan house models on location. It’s a small and quaint park, but a very enjoyable and peaceful one. The word ‘furusato’ means hometown, or simply just a place that makes you feel at home – and that is the peace you will find there.



15:05 04 Mar , 2024