Chatan Harbor Brewery, A Woman’s Touch in the Art of Making Great Tasting Beers

Chatan Harbor Brewery & Restaurant is located at the Chatan Fisharena in Chatan Town. Its specialty is its original craft beer called “Chatan Beer” and is part of the restaurant’s house menu. As the name suggest, it is a “harbor side” style restaurant with its own brewery.

Chatan Brewery & Restaurant was established in 2016 and is part of the Terrace Hotel Group in Okinawa which also operates the Naha Terrace, Busena Terrace, and Atta Terrace, as well as other facilities here on the island. The brewery’s specialty craft beers are also available at these hotel resorts and starting this July, they will also be available at Star Theaters movie theater complexes, which is also under the ownership of the Terrace Hotel Group.

Beer and a harbor-side view – what a great combination!

Popular craft beers such as Pale Ale, IPA, Weizen, Stout and other craft beers will still be available with their original recipes at the Chatan Brewery, but also expect to see their seasonal specialty craft beers with the added touch of Okinawan ingredients like Okinawan wheat, Shiiqwasa (Okinawan citrus), hibiscus flowers, turmeric, shell ginger to name a few. Guarantee you will never taste anything like this anywhere else.

But probably what is most unique about this brewery is that all their craft beers must pass the taste buds of its chief brewer, Shinobu Majikina, a native Okinawan woman. She likens her craft beers as to having a woman’s perspective, everything from a beer’s sensation, flavoring, and smoothness of its taste. Shinobu has been part of the beer production business for more than 20 years and was asked to be the chief brewery for Chatan Brewery as a founding member. Her passion is to innovate the art of making great tasting beers, and to give her customers a taste they will never forget.

Ms. Shinobu Majikina, the chief brewer at Chatan Brewery invites you to taste her newest creation.

Shinobu’s goal is to showcase and produce her beers on a world-wide level scale and more importantly, to give foreign visitors something to remember Okinawa by. She would like to put Chatan Brewer’s on the international map for great tasting beers and she hopes tourist from all over the world will visit Chatan and ‘taste’ what they are all about.

Choosing the right ingredient is a big part of Ms. Shinobu’s job.

Chatan Brewery will join BeerFes 2018 and serve their special craft beers on the three-day event from July 27 – 29th. Also, you can visit the Chatan Harbor Brewery & Restaurant located at 53-1 Mihama, Chatan. Restaurant opens 17:00~23:00 every day, bar opens 17:00~24:00. Phone number 098-926-1118. Please visit their website for more information,

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