OkiPark Vol.35 Matsuyama Park

Naha City’s Matsuyama District is mostly known for its entertaining night life and drinking establishments. But it also gets a lot of tourist during the day who come to Okinawa for sightseeing.

Matsuyama’s location falls between the cruise ship terminals and Kokusai Street making it ideal for transients to stop and try some of the bars and restaurants along the way. The Fukushuen Garden, is also located in Matsuyama and draws many visitors on a daily basis. And across from the Fukushuen Garden is Matsuyama Park. Though the park maybe small by today’s standards, it is large for its size in being in such a tightly populated city. It even has a tennis court and some exercise equipment.

And if you wish to relax there are some areas where you can sit by a small pond and enjoy the breeze. There is even a mist shower along the roadside of the park where you can cool off on a hot summer day.



01:19 26 Feb , 2024