OkiPark Vol.36 Tomigusuku Sōgō (comprehensive) Park

Tomigusuku Sōgō Park is the largest park in Tomigusuku City. The term Sōgō (総合) means ‘comprehensive’ in Japanese and is a fitting description of the park due to its large sports park-like size.

They have an athletic field, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a play field, and a designated path for those who just wish walk around the premises. Additionally, they have a playground for the kids and amenities that support a family picnic day at the park.

The Tomigusuku City Civic Hall is also located within the vicinity and hosts many of the city events throughout the year. Tomigusuku Sōgō Park is located in the Taira district of Tomigusuku City.





04:11 15 Jun , 2024