Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll)



・1 bowl of rice
・1 tbs vinegar (for making sushi rice)
・1/2 tbs roasted sesame
・1 sliced tuna
・Sliced welsh onions
・1/2 sheet of dried seaweed
・bamboo rolling mat (to roll up the sushi)


How to cook

1. Mix the rice, vinegar, and roasted sesame together and let cool with a fan.

2. Cut the tuna into strips.

3. Put a sheet of dried seaweed onto the bamboo rolling mat. Make sure that the dry seaweed is flush with one end of the bamboo mat. This will make it easier to roll up the sushi. Then place a bed of rice over the entire seaweed except leave 1cm of space on the top with no rice.


4. Place a tuna strip onto a center on top of the rice (the strip of tuna will be parallel to how the bamboo mat rolls).

5. Rolling up the tuna. Before you roll up the tuna, make sure the bamboo mat is in such a position that the 1 cm space of seaweed (from above) is furthest away from your body and such that you can roll the mat away from your body. Now, hold the tuna with both hands using your forefingers. Roll the mat away from your body as you are rolling up the sushi. When you roll the sushi ensure that the bottom edge (edge closest to your body) is joined with the top edge of the rice leaving the 1 cm of seaweed exposed. Continue to roll so that the exposed seaweed covers and seals the sushi roll.

6. Press the mat firmly so that the roll is held firm together. Now you have a cylindrical shape sushi roll. Cut in bite size portions. Normally when Tekka-maki is served it is with the exposed side (side showing the tuna) facing up. You can place welsh onions on this exposed side and you are done.



08:42 17 Apr , 2024