Taco-Rice for Kids (Serving size 4)


・600g rice
・200g minced meat
・1/2 onion
・4 leaves of lettuce
・1 pack of cut tomatoes
・4 tbs ketchup
・3 tsp consommé soup stock
・1 tsp cumin
・1 tsp oregano
・Cheese as needed
・Tomato as needed

How to cook


1. Dice the onion into little bits.

2. Heat the onion dices on a pan until cooked and add minced meat and cook again.


3. After the meat is cooked, add the cut tomatoes and all the seasonings (ketchup, consommé, cumin, oregano) and simmer away until the liquid portion is almost gone.


4. Place rice on a plate and add lettuce. Then add the meat you just mixed together, and cheese and fresh tomatoes on top as much as you like, and you are done.



05:57 17 Apr , 2024