Vegetable and Meat Roll


6 pieces of thin sliced meat (pork or beef is fine)

12 sticks of green beans

1/2 carrot

Flour (as needed)

1 tbs of soy sauce

2 tbs of sweet cooking rice wine

Salad oil (as needed)

How to cook

    1. Cut the carrot about same length size as the green beans, and boil both them.
    2. After boil and are cooled off, take the vegetables and wrap 2 of each (2 sticks of carrots and 2 green beans) with the sliced meat. Add a slight powder of flour to the wrap.

    1. Cook the wrap in a pan until they turn brown.

  1. Pour soy sauce and rice wine for added flavor and you are done.



00:54 28 May , 2024