Handama Salad (Serving size 4)


・2 bunchs of Handama (An Okinawan local vegetable with purple & green leaves)
・2 leaves of regular lettuce
・20g Baby leaf lettuce
・1 Avocado
・1/2 Bell Peppers (Red and yellow)
・2 soft boiled eggs
・2 slices of bacon
・Crouton (as you need)
・Powder cheese (as you need)
・Salad dressing (as you need)

How to cook

1. Pick off the leaves from the Handama branches and cut off good bite size portions.

2. Tear the lettuce into bite size portions and soak in water with the handama leaves for about 5 minutes.
3. Cut the avocado in half, and then cut into smaller half-moon shapes. (Peel the skin as you proceed).

4. Cook bacon to a crisp.

5. Drain water from the leaf vegetables.
6. Place vegetables in a bowl, and add the avocado, soft boiled eggs, crouton, bacon, cheese and dressing on top, and done.



19:27 16 Apr , 2024