Shiraishi – The Car Beauty Pro Experts

Welcome the New Year with a sparkling clean car. Car Beauty Pro Shiraishi are the only car cleaning professionals you need to see. Located on Highway 58 in Mihama, Chatan, it is a one-stop-shop gas station; get your car filled up and cleaned by the experts. There are many self-service gasoline stations on the island, but at Shiraishi they will be happy to attend all your needs. The high-octane fuel provided at Shiraishi is a 100% octane; the best quality you will find in Okinawa. Aside from gas, they provide car wash services, body coating, and seat cleaning, but their professional Body Caring technique is what separates them from the rest. They put the Pro in “Car Beauty Pro”.

In addition, to their cleaning program, Shiraishi is providing two new car cleaning services for their customers. The first new service uses a“Quick Polymer” agent which works instantly to get your car cleaned and pristine. The Quick Polymer is applied after your car is washed and will take out the grime off your car while simultaneously applying a polymer coating. It is more effective than a regular wax coating, and the service includes interior cleaning as well. Interval use of this polymer coating will keep your car lasting fresh and clean. Add that with their existing popular car polishing service that removes tough water stains and small scratches on the body. Your car will be glad you did.

Shiraishi’s new “Quick Polymer” car cleaning service – keeping that long lasting shine on your car.

The second new service is the “Leather Seat Cleaner”. Get genuine leather cleaning today. Customers have the option to choose how many seats they wish cleaned; choose the driver seat or passengers seats or all. And of course, regular seat cleaning is also available, and the service can be extended to the carpet and inside the trunk.

Genuine Leather Seat Cleaning service available – ask a staff for more information.

And today Shiraishi offers the New Year Holiday Special Campaign which includes the above two new services. Quick Polymer trial campaign is being offered for only ¥5000 for S size cars. Leather Seat Cleaner is only ¥18,000 for 4 seats! Additionally, headlight cleaning services will be available from ¥1000~ great for removing that yellow tint from your headlights. And muffler rust guards will be ¥5000 and more! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your car totally clean before the New Year. The campaign will last to the end of January 2019. And finally, Shiraishi will be offering their Stamp Rally Campaign where you have a chance to win an AQUOS TV, a one-night ticket stay at the Kanucha Resort, along with other great prizes! For more information about this campaign, please visit to check.

Wait and relax while your car gets serviced; smoke lounge, a kid’s corner, and massage chairs – all provided at no extra charge.

While your car is being cleaned, stay comfortable in their waiting room. Massage chairs are available for free, children can play at the kid’s corner, and smoke rooms are also installed for your convenience. And if you wish to go shopping in the nearby area, you can just leave your car with us and we’ll take care of the rest – any car, any size. You name it!

3-1-2 Mihama, Chatan 098-936-9422


00:26 28 May , 2024