Learn and Improve your Japanese in Okinawa!!

Since 2010, Touyou Gengo Bunka Gakuin (Asian Language & Culture College) in Midorimachi, Uruma City has been providing quality Japanese language classes to students from other countries.

Every year, about a 100 attendees attend the college, but in recent years however, many foreigners already living here on the island have expressed desire to learn Japanese. So, there is good news! Starting this April, local foreigners living in Okinawa can enroll as well. Classes have only a few students in each classroom setting at any one time. This ideal student-to-teacher ratio allows for students to have more interface time with their instructors at a one-to-one level.

Students who enroll have the option to takes classes in the morning or in the afternoon as well as the option to select specific dates and how many days a week they would like to attend (Monday through Friday/up to 5 classes per week). Each class consist of two 90 minute sessions with a 15 minute break in between; a total 3 hours per 1 class. Morning classes start from 8:45~12:00, and afternoon classes starts 13:30~16:45.

Classes include learning the Japanese alphabet Hiragana and Katakana, as well as learning to read and write Kanji characters. As you build up you will learn about Japanese grammar which includes reading, listening and conversation exercises. If you are a super beginner, there is no need to worry; classes are taught in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Depending on the number of classes per week, most people who have never studied Japanese will be surprised how much they will learn in 6 months, many finding themselves making a Japanese conversation for the very time. At the end of each course, students will have an examination, and upon graduation, will receive a diploma. Qualifications for enrollment is simple; you just have to live in Japan and be a non-native speaker.

It is also important to note that the college is certified by Justice Ministry of Japan, and thus the college can provide attendees with a student VISA. They can also transfer your tourist VISA to a student VISA. Students who enroll can participate in a variety of activities, such as sports festivals, beach parties, culture exchanges, speech contests and so forth.

The Asian Language & Culture College offers you support and a comfortable life as a foreign student here in Japan. This experience will help expand your horizon as you will be able to get more involved with the local community, and when you go back to country you can bring and share your experiences to your hometown. So, let’s learn Japanese today!

It all starts at the Asian Language & Culture College! For more information and campus life visit our Facebook page. Enrollment Application form here.

Trial and observation classes are welcome, please feel free to contact us at 098-972-4888. Address: 5-3-25 Midorimachi, Uruma City.

14:59 25 May , 2024