Muscle Circus “Hustle Muscle 2019” Okinawa Tour ~Ninja~

Muscle Entertainment “Hustle Muscle” will be performing at the Okinawa Convention Center on May 26th (Sun) – fun for all ages!

Muscle Entertainment will be showcasing some very extraordinary performances by some very talented people, like Hirokazu Oyama, who holds the Guinness World Record for the highest leap over objects. He will be demonstrating his skills by leaping over 3-meter monster boxes.

There will also be an amazing acrobatic show led by Chinese superhuman Kairin Cho, who took home the world championship during the World Street Performance Tournament. Other performances will include the integration of Okinawan cultural performances, such as Eisa and Kumiodori, both part of Okinawan traditional dancing.

Hustle Muscle will also be supporting the local kids program called “Kids Cheering Project”, which aims to provide inspirational support for local kids programs in the areas, such as dance and gymnastics. These youngsters will open for the Hustle Muscle crew and are sure to amaze the crowd, so please give them your support as well.

Tickets are available at the link below or you can call RBC Vision at 098-864-2200

Muscle Circus “Hustle Muscle 2019 ~Ninja~”

Date: May 26th, 2019 (Sun)

Place: Okinawa Convention Center Theater Arena

4-3-1 Mashiki, Ginowan City 901-2224

Tel: 098-898-3000


Open: 11:00

Performance Part1: 11:30 (Performance by local kids)

Performance Part2: 12:30 (Hustle Muscle)

End: 14:00

Classes for the Local Kids: Himawari Athletic Class, Kids Ninja Experience Dojo, KenKen Athletic Class, What’s Up Akemi Dance School, Ouki Jr. Chandrings, MUFA


Adult: ¥3800 (Tax included)

Under 18 years old: ¥2200

All seats are on a reservation basis only.

Free for under 6 years old (if sitting on the parent’s lap)

*extra seats will require a charge.

Tickets available at Ticket PIA (P code 493-012), Lawson (L code 82090) FamilyMart ePlus, Ryubo Department Store, Coop Apre.

Inquiries about tickets at RBC Vision 098-864-2200 (9:30~17:30 weekdays)

22:27 20 Jul , 2024