MCCS Comic Con invites nerds of the world to unite

In October, MCCS will hold the ultimate celebration of comics, anime, manga, science fiction, fantasy and horror aficionados and more—Comic Con Okinawa 2019—happening October 13 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Camp Foster’s Fieldhouse, Community Center Auditorium and the Ocean Breeze.

This year’s Comic Con Okinawa will feature guest appearances by legendary artist Michael Golden (THE artists on characters such as Batman, Doctor Strange, G.I. Joe and the Punisher), writer, editor, colorist and publisher Renee Witterstaetter (editor on publications including Thanos Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hercules, Xena, X-Files, Conan, She-Hulk and Jurassic Park), actress Cherami Leigh (“Friday Night Lights,” “Shameless,” “Chase,” “Bones,” “NCIS: LA” and more), voice talent Quinton Flynn (an award-winning voice actor that has played animated characters such as Jonny Quest, Speed Racer, The Human Torch, Elmer Fudd, Timon and Snowbell—just to name a few), voice talent Derek Prince (who has worked on the “Power Rangers” series, “Digimon,” “Love Hina,” “Bleach,” “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders,” “Cowboy Bebop” and many others), voice talent Megan Hollingshead (“Pokémon’s” Nurse Joy, Mai Valentine in “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Shizune in “Naruto,” Rangiku in “Bleach,” and in the game world, currently voices Glenna in Guild Wars 2), actress Olivia Hack (who played captain Picard’s daughter in “Star Trek: Generations”) and other giants of the field of comics, anime, sci-fi and cosplay.

Also at the Comic Con Okinawa, generous sponsors will be offering prizes and giveaways from companies such as United Airlines, AFSPA, USAA, California Sunshine, Diamond Comics, DC Comics, Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence, Hotel Moon Beach and many, many others.

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02:36 22 May , 2024