MMA Fight Night …on Camp Foster

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is coming to Camp Foster for a competition you don’t want to miss—MMA Fight Night! It’ll all go down in the fieldhouse on Saturday, February 15.

Two fighters pitted against each other in a cage, striking and grappling without mercy as the crowd cheers them on—this is sure to be the most action-packed event of the year! And since MMA is a hybrid combat sport that incorporates the best elements of jujitsu, karate, muay thai, boxing and more, there’s no telling what’ll happen.

There will be 10 brutal matches consisting of three, three-minute rounds. Two matches will be undercard while the other eight will be professional, and the weight classes will include bantamweight, strawweight, featherweight, welterweight, lightweight, flyweight and middleweight.

Doors will open at 4 p.m., but you’ll want to be there early if you want a good spot. Also, seats are limited. The first fight will begin at 5 p.m., and there will be plenty of food and beverages available for purchase.

MMA Fight Night is FREE and open to all ranks. Also, all SOFA-status personnel and their invited guests are welcome. No one, however, will be admitted with pets, outside food or beverages, glass bottles or coolers, so please leave them at home. For more information, visit This event is open to all SOFA personnel and their authorized guests.

09:02 30 May , 2024