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What kind of accommodation are you looking for?

United Housing supports you to find nice house in Okinawa!

More than 10 years this business experience and management of many properties in middle area in Okinawa and they have many properties which are small or big unit apartments and Single house for family.

They provide good customer service and maintenance services, you don’t need to worry about any trouble to live in off-base.

The united Housing office is located at Kokutai-street in Kamisedo Chatan.

Please contact us 098-989-3889


On top of that, We have two hotel and accommodation in Yomitan and Onna area.
United Resort Yomitan is ocean view and furnished hotel.

United Resort Kibougaoka is Villa type accommodation and has a pool as facility.
You can enjoy vacation stay with your family or friends. For more information.

【United Resort Yomitan 】

【United Resort Kibougaoka】

01:00 28 May , 2024