Okinawa has been voted the third most attractive location in Japan!

The Brand Research Institute, INC. has announced the rankings for the most attractive prefectures in Japan this year to include the top three most attractive places in Japan.

The first place is Hokkaido prefecture and they have won this spot for the 12th straight year.

The 2nd place winner is Kyoto prefecture, and the 3rd place winner is our beautiful island of Okinawa.

Okinawa ranked up from its 4th place ranking last year so our ranking improved this year.

The prefecture with the lowest ranking is Tochigi prefecture in 2020.

Ibaraki prefecture was previously ranked the lowest for 7 straight years until last year, but has improved their ranking from worst to 42nd place in 2020.

The research method was gathered by the internet and 31,734 people responded.

The research revealed that Kyoto city in Kyoto prefecture was rated the most attractive city in 1st place, Sapporo city and Hakodate city both in Hokkaido prefecture tied for 2nd place.

Our Naha city was rated 14th, Okinawa city was rated 23rd and Miyakojima city was rated 24th in Japan.

Congratulations to Okinawa, we are very proud!

13:32 14 Jul , 2024