Okinawa has the top birth rate for the 46th straight year!

Okinawa prefecture announced that the birthrate report in Japan for 2019 and Okinawa has the top birthrate for the 46th straight year in Japan.

The birthrate for Okinawa based on a 1000 population, is 10.4 and that is 3.4 points above the Japanese average which is 7.0.

Although the rate is 0.6 points down from last year, Okinawa still has the top rate.

There were 14,902 babies born in 2019, which equals 40.8 babies per day and a baby born every 35 minutes.

The average number of babies per woman is 1.82 in Okinawa and is 0.46 above the national average of 1.36. Okinawa has the top average for this title for 35 straight years.

Okinawa also has the lowest death rate for the nation. In 2019 the death rate was 12,509 and increased 352 from last year. This averaged 34.3 deaths per day with a death occurring every 42 minutes.

The death rate per 1000 population was 8.7 and the lowest number in Japan. Okinawa keeps the lowest death rate for 18 straight years.

The margin between births and deaths is 2393, and is getting lower year by year.

The number of marriages in Okinawa for 2019 was 8027 couples, which is an increase of 140 more than 2018.

That is an average of 22 couples getting married every day and an average of one couple getting married every 1 hour 5 minutes.

On the other hand, 3617 couples divorced in 2019 in Okinawa, which equals 9.9 couples each day and a divorce occurring every 2 hours 25 minutes.

03:03 28 Feb , 2024