Retort Shima Tofu Coming Soon

Retort style “Shima tofu” also known as Island tofu will soon be available on Okinawa.

This special Okinawa Shima tofu is different from tofu on mainland Japan due to its unique texture. Both are made from soybeans but Okinawa Shima tofu has a much firmer texture and can be used in dishes like Goya champuru, vegetable champuru, and especially in tofu champuru which is a very popular dish on Okinawa.

Since tofu made using raw ingredients it has a very short shelf life and is difficult to ship to other prefectures and other countries.

The Yamashiro tofu shop in Motobu town has dedicated itself to making this very special type of Shima tofu and has discovered the best way to ship this tofu is by safely packaging it in a can. This is the first of its type!

It is called the “Retorutofu Can” and currently offers mentai (seasoned cod roe) flavor and salt flavor and is a safe and delicious preserved food that can be added to every home pantry and be stored for extended periods of time.

Each can will cost ¥500 and will be sold at Hokuzan Shoten in Nakajin, road stations/rest stops in Nago and Motobu, and some souvenir shops beginning December 1st.
A very special Shima tofu gelatin will also be sold at the Churaumi Aquarium café for guests to enjoy.

23:34 23 Jul , 2024