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Sanshin, taiko, kimono, and accessories related to Okinawa’s traditional performing arts and even handmade face masks. You can find all of these here at the Tsuha Shamisen Shop!

Tsuha Shamisen (Sanshin) Shop, which is located in Tairagawa district of Uruma city, is a specialty shop dedicated to the Okinawan traditional performing arts such as eisa and traditional Ryukyu dance. Tsuha not only has a long, established history but is also well-loved by the local people.

The shop boasts an impressive lineup of merchandise and provides a wide selection of sanshin, taiko, lovely kimono, obi, and an array of must have accessories. If the timing is right, you may even be lucky enough to witness professional craftsman in action as they work on creating sanshin and kimono inside the shop.

These sanshin are handmade by craftsman one at a time, with careful attention paid to every part of the instrument. Highly valued sanshin rods have been hung on the shops wall for decades making the experience of watching the craftsmen completely interesting and informative. Ready-made sanshins are also available at reasonable prices.

Customers who wish to have their sanshin repaired or maintained may also feel free to drop by the shop for advice. The store also accepts orders for custom made sanshin, which means your sanshin could be unique and the only one in the world.

Enhance the beauty of your sanshin with items from Tsuha’s extensive range of sanshin accessories, including the shop’s original tiga (decorative body cover), karakui (tuning pegs), as well as rare blue and pink colored strings that are perfect for customization. Prices of sanshin start from ¥20,000.

In addition, various props for traditional Ryukyu performing arts are also made by hand at the shop. Tsuha produces customized traditional props and accepts requests for repairing and maintaining hanagasa (Okinawa traditional flower hat).

The shop is also home to a surprising variety of Okinawa kimono, obi, and tabi. (socks)
Ready-made kimonos start from ¥13,000 and half-sized kimonos start from ¥8,000. (Half sized kimonos are shorter than regular kimono, making it more comfortable to wear.)

If wearing a formal kimono seems a little intimidating, try a two piece kimono that consists of a top and a bottom piece that can be worn separately. This will add an Okinawan twist to your outfits for parties and formal occasions.

Tsuha offers a plethora of Okinawa traditional textile and fabric which can be used to produce made-to-order kimono at the same prices as ready-to-wear options. Standard sizing half kimono ¥8,000 and regular kimono ¥13,000. Custom sizes may cost more, so please contact the shop directly for a complimentary price quote.

This shop is also a fun place to visit if you are looking for a uniquely Okinawa outfit to make an impression during parties or even on Halloween.
One enjoyable option is the chondara outfit with sizes available for both children and adults. Chondara is Okinawa’s version of comedy jesters primarily responsible for drumming up festivities during eisa performances. The Chondara outfit includes a Kubagasa, (Okinawa traditional hat) a kimono, a traditional fan, makeup and more. Why don’t you transform yourself into the Chondara for Halloween!

Recent events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have spurred Tsuha to also now focus on the production of original face masks made with Okinawa patterned textiles. Customers may choose to have their face masks made from beautifully designed fabric, which are only available at Tsuha. Order a face mask made in the same fabric as your kimono and complete your look with other matching fabric accessories. Masks for adults start from ¥990 with a wide variety of children’s masks that are also available.

There is a large variety of Ryukyu traditional performing items such as eisa taiko, costumes, hanagasa, Okinawa folk song cd’s and DVD’s available for purchase. There are also gift items and even lion dog costumes used in traditional Okinawa shishimai dances awaiting your visit.

Tsuha Shamisen Shop, which celebrated its 70th anniversary this year, is run by a reliable team headed by Seikichi Tsuha who is the son of the founder, Seiichi Tsuha. When asked about the shops business philosophy, Tsuha says “We will continue to respect tradition, while also making changes befitting the current generation and customers needs.”

Tsuha is currently focused on expanding its online presence and sees orders from all over Japan as well as overseas. Online store manager, Chiaki Tsuha invites anyone interested to know more about sanshin, taiko, and kimono to approach them for help. “Kimono can render a completely different atmosphere depending on the color and the way it is worn. I love helping customers find the perfect kimono by selecting the most flattering pattern and fabric“ beams Chiaki.

At first glance, Tsuha may not appear to be your usual destination for souvenirs, but those who are interested in eisa or Okinawa music will definitely feel at home here. The shop not only provides first time visitors the opportunity to learn about traditional Ryukyu performing arts, but also promises to be a wonderful destination for original, made in Okinawa keepsakes that would be perfect as gifts for left ones.

Customers who purchase ¥5,000 or more will receive a complementary Okinawa face mask! (Designs will be pre-determined by the shop for this free gift)

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