Go To Eat Campaign begins

The “Go To Eat Premium Ticket Campaign” has started and began on Nov. 17th.

The “Go To Eat Campaign” is focused on supporting food service establishments in Japan which are struggling due to COVID19.

You can increase the value of your money by 25%!

You can purchase tickets via an online special website but you must have an Okinawa address to register. https://gotoeat.okinawa.jp/

You can choose to purchase paper tickets or digital tickets for your convenience.

If you choose to purchase paper tickets, you can buy ¥10,000 (¥1,000 x 10) tickets for only ¥8000.

You will need to create an account and sign in.

Once you log-in and order paper tickets, you will receive a serial number. And please visit a local Family Mart (Fami Port) to show your serial number to the staff member and pay and receive your tickets.

Paper tickets have 20% extra value and digital tickets have 25% extra value. Serial numbers will only be issued for paper tickets.

*Please keep in mind that change will not be given when paying with tickets. If your purchase total is ¥1500, you can pay using ¥1000 ticket and pay the remaining ¥500 in cash.

By purchasing digital tickets via online, you can increase the value of your money and support shops even more.

For example: buy a ¥5,000 ticket that is worth ¥6,250! That is a 25% increase in your money and you are also helping local eating establishments that need your support.

Digital tickets are the most convenient option for this campaign. Just create your account and sign in, choose which ticket you want to purchase and pay by credit card.

You will receive your QR code and show this QR code at any participating shop to pay. You can check the list of participating shops online.

These tickets are available to purchase from now until January 31st 2021. All tickets are valid until Mar.31st 2021.

Let’s support our Okinawa restaurants and all local establishments!

14:29 29 May , 2024