The Okinawa Zoo needs your help

The Okinawa Zoo is now asking for Crowd-Funding support in order to raise money to help feed the animals at the zoo. Due to COVID19, attendance at the zoo has been greatly reduced and it is hard to cover the cost of food for the animals.

The crowd-funding campaign will continue until December 25th.

Please donate any amount because everything helps! The attendance at the zoo from April thru September this year was only 77,907 and this number was about a 30% of the same period last year.

The previous year had 265,736 visitors, so that is a very large decrease in visitors.

The revenue raised this year had a decreased amount of ¥120,000,000 than the same period last year.

When donating to the crowd-funding effort , the donor will receive some special benefits such as, a one day ticket, a free passport, original zoo items, a one day zookeeper experience and more.

The benefit range is based on the amount of your donation.

Their target amount is ¥19,700,000 and all money raised will be used to feed the animals.

Let’s all donate and help feed the animals at the Okinawa Zoo!

11:23 22 Apr , 2024