Dragon pillars of Shuri castle have been renovated

The dragon stone pillars that used to stand in front of the main temple of Shuri castle have finally been renovated. Sadly, the Shuri castle main temple and other buildings were lost in the fire last October.

The Dragon pillars were burned heavily in the tragic fire but were able to be repaired and renovated. The renovation work for the pillars took 3 months and are now finally restored.

After the fire heavily damaged the pillars, they were divided into three portions and were displayed to the public laying in the Shichanu Una area of the Castle Park. If you would like to see these pillars, this area is free to enter.

The pillars had almost 160 cracks on each pole and a 3.6 meter long damaged area was found inside the body of the pillar.

The cost of the renovation totaled ¥40,000,000. The pillars will be displayed to the public until the renovation starts on the main temple building in 2022.

The new pillars will be placed in the original spot upon completion of the renovations in 2026.

18:05 21 Apr , 2024