Stay home and enjoy a fun time with Okinawan Live online

Okinawa city is offering free online music live channel “Koza Music Live Now” from December 5th through 30th.

This online event will be free to watch and you can watch the music performances that are recorded around Okinawa city. Performers such as JET, Seventh Heaves Koza, Crossover Café 614, Okinawa Folk Song Club Nantahama and more.

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The first and second videos are already available to watch online! The first video, Toshiyuki Osawa and Kumiko Yamashita are top pop singers in Japan and performed at the Ashibina while celebrating their 40th anniversary as musicians.

The second video including Rock Band JET is now available online too. The last video of the project which shows live performances by a couple of musicians from Okinawa including Kariyushi 58 will be online starting the 30th of December. Each video will be available online for one week.

The web address of the project is

00:24 26 Feb , 2024