Watta Strawberry Sparkling Chu-hai will be offered

Orion Beer announced that they will offer the new WATTA Chu-hai series “WATTA Ichigo (strawberry) Sparkling” starting December 15th.

It is an alcohol beverage.

The strawberries for the WATTA Ichigo Sparkling is made by Hitachi Capital group in Yomitan village. The name of the strawberries used for this special alcohol are known as the “Berry Moon”.

WATTA Ichigo Sparkling is 5% alcohol and is a bit higher than the regular WATTA series. Their aim is to make this special Hu-hai closer to a regular sparkling wine. This sparkling Chu-hai will have a good balance of sweet and sour from the Berry Moon.

Each 350ml can will cost ¥170.


19:40 16 Apr , 2024