Visit XROSS*R shop and find souvenir crafts that are made with passion

The XROSS*R shop is a wonderful specialty shop in Depot Island Mihama. This shop gives passionate artisans a place to sell their beautiful creations and to bring their various art works to the public all in one place. Artisans from all over Japan can sell their items in this shop in Okinawa and it’s a convenient place to see and experience many types of souvenirs that are mostly made by hand. There are many specialty items that can only be found at this shop!

Okinawa was known as the Ryukyu Kingdom until 1879 and was famous as a high class trading area. The Ryukyu Kingdom was successful for importing and exporting items between Japan and other Asian countries. Okinawa still strives today to continue this tradition and offers support to many Japanese artisans. Okinawa’s location was perfect for this tradition and continues today.
Many tourists come to Okinawa in search of unique spices, seasonings, artwork, and traditional Ryukyu items. XROSS*R shop offers many unique items to suit everyone’s tastes.

XROSS*R shop wants to continue the tradition of being a trading powerhouse that supports local artists.
As many people already know, Japan has talented artists that are famous worldwide and want to share their creations with the world and the convenient location of XROSS*R shop in Chatan is perfect for that.

Depot Island Mihama

Okinawa and especially the Chatan area is becoming more and more popular as a sightseeing spot for people in Japan as well as many tourists from around the world. Due to the pandemic, we need to do all that we can to support these local shops until tourism can return. XROSS*R shop offers items to suit everyone’s budget and you can find something unique and something special for yourself or to give as a gift.
Once you visit this shop, you can learn more about these artisans and hopefully visit their hometown workshop in the future.

The staff at XROSS*R shop works very hard to find high-quality Japanese crafts to bring to their shop each day.

They were inspired to mix Japanese design and with Okinawa design to create unique items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else and hope to mix the special Ryukyu Okinawa culture with Japanese crafts, and discover a wonderful fusion blend of “RYUSION.”

That’s the goal!

For example, you can purchase a kimono bottle cover that is made with Vibrant Okinawa bingata fabric as well as traditional Japanese kimono fabric.

Japanese Kimono

This was previously designed as a wine bottle cover but can now be used to decorate a hand sanitizer bottle at your home or at the entrance of a building. People can sanitize their hands and feel happy to see the beautiful Kimono bottle cover fabric!

Okinawan Bingata

The shop also offers special lacquer stickers that are made using Japanese and Okinawa designs. The sticker can be placed on any flat service such as a cell phone, notebook, or any small item. There is even a sticker designed especially for Depot Island that you can purchase and decorate your item. This can remind you of a happy memory and bring a smile when you see it. These stickers were also inspired by traditional Japanese lacquer stickers on mainland Japan.

Another unique item that you can purchase at this shop is the eco friendly reusable Mt Fuji ceramic coffee filter. This ceramic coffee filter is handmade in Nagasaki prefecture and is called Hasami Yaki pottery. You can put fresh coffee grounds into the top of Mt Fuji filter and pour hot water directly over it. The hot water filters through the coffee grounds and makes a delicious cup of coffee. No paper filter is needed and you can use this product over and over again! When not in use, you can enjoy looking at the pottery designed like the famous Mt Fuji.

There is also a set of drinking glasses that has a beautiful design of cherry blossom trees on the front. When you pour cold liquid into the glass the cherry blossom trees on the front magically bloom beautiful pink flowers! You can enjoy looking at these beautiful cherry blossoms while you drink your beverage. This would be a wonderful thing to buy for yourself and also a wonderful thing to buy as a gift!

XROSS*R shop also offers the famous Imabari hand towels and bath towels for sell. These towels are known for their high quality softness and durability.

There is also a specially designed curry spoon that makes it easier and more enjoyable to eat curry and the special curved design makes it easy to cut through any meat that is in the dish. This spoon has a very unique design and would be a great gift for anyone that loves curry.

There are many more items to choose from and you can truly find something for everyone on your list!

While you are visiting the shop make sure that you take a look at the specially designed Sanlele. What’s a Sanlele?! This is a cross between a Sanshin and an Ukelele and can be specifically designed just for you. It’s made out of acrylic and you can choose the design that you like and it can be engraved directly onto the acrylic body of the Sanlele! Now this is truly a one of a kind item and anyone would love to have this.

The manager of XROSS*R shop Daiki Kurosu wants everyone that visits this shop to feel happy and relaxed. The shop staffs will do all they can to help you find the perfect item whether it’s for yourself or a special gift for someone. They are excited to talk to you about each item and express to you the artisans passion that went into making this item.

The staff can speak a variety of languages and would like to invite everyone to visit their shop. They do their best to bring in new inventory every two weeks so you can visit frequently and always find something new there. They are always looking for new collaborations with various artists on the island as well as on mainland Japan. And of course they are always happy to talk to anyone that enjoys arts and crafts! If you are an artist the shop manager will be happy to talk with you about collaborating together in the future.

Please visit this beautiful and special shop and let’s enjoy unique crafts together.

Address: OAK Fashion building 1st floor Depot Island 9-39 Mihama Chatan

Open weekdays: 11:00am-7:00pm and weekends 11:00am- 8:00pm

Telephone: 098-989-7424

*major credit cards accepted

Online shop:

Instagram: @XROSS*R

Facebook: XROSS*R

01:20 22 May , 2024