Chinbin (Okinawan Traditional Crepe) Serving Size: 12 Rolls



  • 1 Pack Chinbin Powder
  • 350~400cc water
  • Salad oil

How to cook


1. Put Chinbin powder and water in a bowl and mix until the powder thoroughly moisten dough.

2. Heat a pan and add salad oil to grease the bottom, and then pour the Chinbin dough ladleful. You will eventually do this 11 more times (12 Rolls total).

3. When you start to see pock marks on the surface as it becomes dry, flip it to the backside and cook again until become dry.

4. After it is cooked, cool down and rolled up and you are done.

Chinbin is a Okinawan traditional sweets which is given for kids on May 4th or 5th of the Lunar Calendar. Po-po- is a similar Okinawan traditional dish but the color of dough is white and includes Aburamiso. Both are Okinawan traditional sweets, but Chinbin is still served at supermarkets and easy to get.


01:56 28 May , 2024