Explore the NEO Park

What can you say? Kids love animals, and visiting a zoo is a great way to spend time with the family. The Okinawa Zoo (Kodomo-no-Kuni) is a great place to watch and learn about different kinds animals, but if you wish to get up close and personal then try visiting Nago City’s Neo Park. Opened in 1992, it has been loved by local islanders and foreign visitors alike.

Once you enter the park, you will be surrounded by a wide-range of free flying birds. To top it off, you can feed them yourself! The bird food is provided by the park. No outside food is allowed. You will see many kinds of birds like storks, ibis’s, flamingos, cranes, ostriches, and a whole lot more!

Up & Close – See over a 100 different kinds of animals at the NEO Park.

The park does have other animals as well; monkeys, wallabies, capybaras, turtles are just some of the park animals you can see up close. All together there are more than 100 pieces of animals that inhabit the park with many of which you can touch.

The park is very huge having ecosystems of different themes that derive from the “Amazon”, “Africa”, “Oceania” and more. They even have an underwater tunnel so you can see what it feels like under the river.

Find out what lies underneath the river, take a stroll through the underwater tunnel!

One other adding benefit to the Neo Park is that they have the “Okinawa Light Railway” where you can sit and ride as you gaze upon the different kinds of animals. The route takes you over a big pond and weaves through some tunnels.

This is great with children and especially if you wish to give your feet a chance to relax.
The Neo Park opens 9:00~17:30 every day and is located at 4607-41 Nago, Nago City. ¥ 660 for adults, ¥330 for kid,s and ¥220 for age 4 and under. Riding Okinawa Light Railway costs extra. Tel: 0980-52-6348. You can also find information on their website at https://www.neopark.co.jp/

Information can be found in other languages for your convenience.

23:54 20 May , 2024