Nakami Soup (Pork Guts Soup)

“Nakami” means guts or giblets of a pig, and “jiru (shiru)” means soup. This soup is very common in Okinawa and is offered at special cerebrations, event, or parties.



・300g pork guts
・200g pork
・4~5 pieces dried shiitake mushrooms
・1/2 kamaboko fish paste
・1 pack konnyaku (already cut and ready to use)
・1 litter Dashi stock soup
・500ml cups of water for soaking shiitake mushrooms
・2 tsp salt
・1 tbs soy sauce
・Grated ginger for garnish
・Wheat flour

How to cook

1. Place the dried shiitake mushrooms and 500ml of water into a bowl and leave until the mushrooms become soft (Do not discard the water. It will be used later.)

2. Cut the mushrooms, kamaboko, and pork into strips and set them aside.

3. Wash the konnyaku in a strainer.

4. Boil the pork guts in the pot for 10 minutes. Then dump the in a strainer.

5. Put the pork guts into a bowl and sprinkle wheat flour over them, just enough to coat them. Then mix and massage them strongly and then wash off the flour with water.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 three (3) times.

7. In a big saucepan, place the mushroom water (from Step 1), all the ingredients and 1 litter dashi stock soup and boil.

8. Boil it around for 40~50 minutes with low heat,and add the salt and soy sauce for taste.

9. Serve the soup in a cup or bowl and you are done. Add grated ginger if you like.


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