OkiPark Okinawa Comprehensive Park is all about relaxation and leisure

Okinawa Comprehensive Park is the largest sports facility on the island, originally built for the Okinawa Kaiho Japan Athletic Festival in 1987.
The park has six sport facilities including the only cycling ring in the prefecture, and boating and camping areas in the southern part of the park. The northern side of the park has an athletic stadium, tennis courts and a gym. The swimming pool has a 100-meter long water slide that is open in the summer season.

The Comprehensive Park is all about relaxation and offers dozens of opportunities to do about anything. There are nature paths and jogging, soccer and rugby fields, a running track, baseball stadium, and basketball and tennis courts for those looking to burn off excess energy. It’s a park filled with exercise and athletic pursuits, including an indoor fitness center.

Outdoor equipment for children include slides and playgrounds that are safe even for the smallest children.

Parking at several parking areas on the outskirts of the park is free. Restroom facilities are available at several locations.

Bicycles are available for rental for ¥300 per hour for adults and ¥200 per hour for persons under18.

Rowboats for cuising on the pond in the idle of the park are available on weekends and Japanese holidays, plus during the school spring and summer vacations for the same price are the bicycles.

Camping reservations are required, and can be made up to a month in advance. BBQ pits are available, but generators, fireworks and karaoke are available.

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