Get your special and unique gift at XROSS*R in Mihama, Chatan

Various special and unique gifts are gathered at XROSS*R which is the specialty shop in American Village, Mihama, Chatan. Gifts are from across Japan and items are very elaborate and chosen by expert buyers. You will literally feel them “Made in Japan”.

You will literally feel them “Made in Japan”

It’s very lucky you that you can get such special Japanese gifts in Okinawa without traveling to mainland Japan. Of course, you will never be disappointed with each item and it will be a super special gift for your partner, friend, family and to yourself too.

For example, XROSS*R is offering fashionable “Japanese Tabi” which are super traditional Japanese socks or shoes. Originally, Tabi was socks suited for a Japanese Kimono, but later steeplejacks, gardeners and workers who work at height wear Tabi because its two-pronged toe makes it easy to put toes in and use muscles and able to feel land directly.

Tabi style make foreigners imagine “Ninjya” or “Samurai”

Then the Tabi style make foreigners imagine “Ninjya” or “Samurai”, and it’s super popular especially in Western countries today. Additional to say, the Tabi at XROSS*R are from Gyoda city in Saitama prefecture. Gyoda city is the most popular place for producing Tabi in Japan since Edo period. They are offering more colorful and more friendly Tabi, including indoor Tabi. It’s not easy to get Gyoda Tabi, but you can do at XROSS*R!

Imabari Towel from Ehime prefecture is also a very special product in Japan. Most Japanese know Imabari towels, which are very feel soft and have high water absorption. XROSS*R offers the highest class Imabari towels which are made by organic cotton. A towel is one of our living necessaries and getting a good towel makes everyone happy.

A towel is one of our living necessaries

The Ryukyu Bingata designed bottle cover is a best seller in the shop. Japanese Kimono style cover is also popular, but Bingata style is available only in Okinawa and they are more colorful and make everybody smile at the table.

Ryukyu Bingata bottle cover is a best seller

The recent specially pushing items by XROSS*R are snacks, using Okinawan brown sugar as an ingredient.

Due to terrible COVID pandemic trouble, much of Okinawan companies got big damage. Especially brown sugar issue is serious, because no tourists and no purchasing it as a souvenir, restaurants closing and no cooking and many more reasons. Then food companies, snack companies and more kinds in Okinawa or mainland have been trying to produce new foodstuffs including brown sugar.

Your purchase makes a contribution for the brown sugar supporting project

XROSS*R is joining this movement and offering many kinds of snacks and foodstuffs including brown sugar in the shop. Your purchase makes a contribution for the brown sugar supporting project.

XROSS*R is also pushing the Art project. Inside the shop, some spaces are provided for artists in Okinawa and the art works are displayed. Okinawan artists, mainlanders, foreign artists’ work are displayed and available to purchase. The works replace every two weeks and you are never bored to visit the shop.

The works replace every two weeks

Art workshops with an artist are held at the shop frequently so please follow and check the XROSS*R Instagram and the other SNSs to get information.

XROSS*R staff are very friendly and welcome you. They can speak English so please feel free to ask any question or just talk with them.

XROSS*R in American Village, Mihama, Chatan

You will never be disappointed so get your unique gift at the XROSS*R!



・Address: OAK Fashion building 1st floor Depot Island 9-39 Mihama Chatan


・Open weekdays: 11:00am-7:00pm and weekends 11:00am- 8:00pm

・Telephone: 098-989-7424

*major credit cards accepted

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02:02 28 May , 2024