The “PayPay” app is offering cash back up to ¥20,000

“PayPay” is one of the most popular electronic payment apps in Japan. Ginowan city is trying to promote and encourage cashless payment on the island due to COVID 19 safety measures.

This measure will also help bring customers into the shops.

This cashback option will continue until November 30th 2022.

A customer pays with this special app at any participating shops, the customer will receive cash back via the PayPay app. Please Look for the PayPay sign.

Each shop will offer 20% cash back with each purchase up to ¥2000 maximum for each time and total up to ¥20000 cash back for each customer.

It will take approximately one month to receive the cash back money into your app account.

You can download the PayPay App onto your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

You can transfer money into your PayPay account by using a Japanese bank account or LAWSON, Seven Eleven ATM.

Credit card options are not available except Yahoo card.

App Store:

Google Play:


00:53 22 May , 2024