Encounter the special moment of visiting Puppy Luv located in Chatan

Pets are eternal family members, why don’t you try to visit and have a very special encounter at the totally reestablished new Pet shop “Puppy Luv” which all staffs are considerate of puppies and new families.

Puppy Luv is located on the Hwy 58 in Chatan district in Chatan town, you can find the shop which has printed big puppy pictures on the wall just in front of the camp Foster.

In the past, Puppy Luv was located at Hamagawa, Chatan town – maybe you remember that location? Now it has moved to a more convenient location and changed to a new owner. The new owner Aki Kugai used to work as staff, and she has now taken over the business. Aki thought a pet shop should always be considerate of puppies and families. She wants to keep a reliable relationship with them as it would be with her own family, even a puppy leaves and starts a new life with the new family.

The most important theme of the shop is “A puppy and new family are smiling and make a happy life together”. A meeting with a puppy we could say “Once in a lifetime chance” and “miracle”. Right after you welcomed a puppy, and they are already one of your irreplaceable family. That’s why Puppy Luv listens about your living environment and gives important advice before you have pets, to make a happy life for both puppy and family in Okinawa. Of course all puppies in Puppy Luv are 100% from licensed breeder. Puppy Luv is also offering strong effort to aftercare.

Puppy Luv is aiming for “Total support”. Once you have welcomed the puppy and throughout it’s life. Puppy Luv is always welcome to helping support any worries you may have, please call them and the bilingual staff can take care of your queries. When your puppy takes a trimming at Puppy Luv, staff can do a brief health check. When you need to go on a business trip or travel, …do not worry Puppy Luv offers a pet hotel inside the shop. Your pet will feel like they are having a holiday too.

The owner Aki says the most pleasurable time for her is when a puppy originally from Puppy Luv visit the shop with their new family and they show us lots of smiles and happiness. Some puppies remember me and come running to me, that’s also very fun. Currently we can watch a puppy’s new life by the new family’s SNSs. All the staff from Puppy Luv are dog lovers and would like to share their strong passion, and that’s why we are always considerate and care for the puppy and family just as we do for our own families.

There is about 30 various types of puppies in the shop, and especially there are a lot of large dogs and Japanese dogs. Puppy Luv is located in Hamby area and very close to Araha beach. There are shopping mall, beach, park and more fun spots. Just feel free to stop by Puppy Luv to greet the cute puppies while you are playing around the area!

Puppy Luv has started the collaboration service with the United Cooperation which is offering rent houses and vacation house rentals. If you are looking for a house which allows pets, Puppy Luv can introduce a suit property for you. If you want to take a vacation house rental for your special day, and Puppy Luv can take care of your pet at a pet hotel in Puppy Luv.  Please feel free to visit Puppy Luv to be among adorable cute puppies and check special pet friendly properties in Okinawa.

Address: 2-7-3 Chatna, Chatan Town

Tell: 098-989-5222

Open: 10:00 – 19:00

Cash, Credit Cards available

Website: https://puppyluv.jp/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/PetShopPuppyLuv/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petshoppuppyluv/

06:23 17 Apr , 2024